March 2023

Marketing Strategy | 4C’s over 4P’s

As marketers, we as a whole are shown about the four pillars of marketing strategy. The 4 P’s-Product, Price, Place, and Promotion are imbued in our memory from the very first moment of our education in the marketing scene. Be that as it may, these four categories line up with four other, more realistic pillars …

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Economists like Hicks, Allen, Samuelson’s, Edgeworth etc. have criticized the utility analysis on the following grounds: •Utility is subjective.•Indivisible Goods.•Goods are not independent.•Marginal Utility of Money is not Constant.•Cardinal Measurement is not Possible.•Consumer is not so calculative.•Income Effect of Price change Ignored INTRODUCTION OF INDIFFERENCE CURVE IC analysis is a modern method to analyze consumer’s …


NMIMS BBA Assignment June 2023 Solution for Business Communication | MEHRABIAN CIRCLE

MBA & BBA Complete guidance under one roof.  Q2. Prof Albert Mehrabian has formulated the Mehrabian Circle that states “there are 3 types of fundamental elements of one-to-one communication.” Which are the 3 elements in the Mehrabian Circle and which has the maximum weightage? Give Reasons for your answer also 4 components of the same …

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NMIMS BBA Assignment Solution for June 2023 Examination | Business Communication

Suggestive Pattern for writing the answer:


Communication is a societal activity; people in society exchange their thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, etc. through different manners depending upon the occasions, context, type of message, background of the interacting persons. For example, when a leader addresses a rally, he/she communicates mainly orally, but just to emphasise certain points, he/she may use gestures or facial expressions also. While teaching in the class, teacher communicates both orally and writing. Sometimes, agreement with a suggestion is indicated by nod of a disagreement may also be shown by moving head in both directions. A warning may be communicated in different ways, orally, in writing or over by facial expression. There are all ways of communication.

An Introduction to Labour Law

Introduction to Labour Legislation

Law comes into existence to cater to the growing needs of society, which may be caused by technological, economic, political, social changes. Law is a dynamic concept. Law is like a citadel which requires regular repairs, revamping and replacement. “Life and Laws have moved together in history and it must do in future”. It is in this perspective that the Labour Legislations have to be studied. Origin of labour legislations Following are the origin of labour legislations:
▪ Early Exploitative Industrial Society
▪ Impact of Contemporary Events
▪ The Growth of Trade Unionism

NMIMS Assignment June 2023 | Solution for Essentials of Management

Q1. XYZ Ltd has hired you as a consultant in order to devise a strategy to motivate their employees. Can you guide them with monetary and non-monetary Employee Motivating factors? (10 Marks) Employee motivation is something important for any organisation which will enable a company to enhance the performance and retain in the competitive markets. …

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