Cost and Management Accounting

Cost & Management Accounting

Question 3aSamsung Ltd. are the manufacturers of Television. The following are the details of a Product during the year 2022.Ordering Cost Rs.50 per orderInventory carrying cost 10% per annumCost of Product A is Rs. 500 per unitAnnual consumption of Product A is 5000 units.Compute the Economic order quantity. What if the inventory maintained by the …

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Income Statement under Marginal Costing Method

Question 1:Office Products Ltd provides the Sales and the cost data for 60,000 units as given below. At full capacity the plant can produce 100,000 units Sales Rs. 12,00,000Costs:Variable:Material Rs. 2,40,000Labour Rs. 3,60,000Overheads Rs. 1,80,000Fixed Cost Rs. 3,20,000Total Rs.11,00,000PROFIT Rs. 1,00,000Prepare the Income statement under marginal costing for production at 80,000 units. Online and offline …

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