Human Resource Management

Employee Relations MCQ No -1

Who created the Social Action Approach? Answer: The Social Action Approach was not created by any of the individuals mentioned in the options provided. The Social Action Approach is a theoretical framework within sociology that emphasizes the role of individuals and their actions in shaping society. It is associated with sociologists such as Max Weber, …

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ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR – Question and answer 2

Discuss the challenges faced in practicing OB. ANSWER: Practicing Organizational Behavior (OB) can present various challenges due to the complex and dynamic nature of organizations and human behavior. Some of the key challenges faced in practicing OB include: These challenges highlight the complex and dynamic nature of OB practice. Overcoming these challenges requires a combination of knowledge, …

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An Introduction to Labour Law

Introduction to Labour Legislation

Law comes into existence to cater to the growing needs of society, which may be caused by technological, economic, political, social changes. Law is a dynamic concept. Law is like a citadel which requires regular repairs, revamping and replacement. “Life and Laws have moved together in history and it must do in future”. It is in this perspective that the Labour Legislations have to be studied. Origin of labour legislations Following are the origin of labour legislations:
▪ Early Exploitative Industrial Society
▪ Impact of Contemporary Events
▪ The Growth of Trade Unionism

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Redeployment in HRM

An opportunity to be innovative is being given through redeployment. It empowers for complete utilization of the abilities, information and aptitude of the employees at different levels and empowers them to adapt up to the difficulties coming their direction. An organization going for redeployment requirements to target achieving the best utilization of talented personnel, while …

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Strategies for Retention of Employees

Recruitment, selection and placement: These three critical functions are under human resource management. These act as a section point for a planned employee. On the off chance that on the off chance that these cycles are not enough arranged and done then it could bring about turnover amongst employees. Effective recruitment is expected in request …

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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement as a subject is very important for HR Strategist, HR Specialist, Organization Consultant and students pursuing Strategic HRM, BBA, BMS, BHA, MBA , MHA & more. Employee Engagement Employee engagement can be described as the emotional commitment the employee towards its organization and its goals. This emotional commitment creates engaged employees who actually care about …

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