Employee Relations MCQ No -1

Who created the Social Action Approach? Answer: The Social Action Approach was not created by any of the individuals mentioned in the options provided. The Social Action Approach is a theoretical framework within sociology that emphasizes the role of individuals and their actions in shaping society. It is associated with sociologists such as Max Weber, …

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International Business | Question & answers

FIND THE SPREAD IF BID AND ASK RATE FOR RUPEE VS DOLLAR IS 81.983 /81.987 AND AN IMPORTER PURCHASED 48000 USD. SOLUTION: The bid-ask rate for Rs vs Dollar is 81.983/81.987. To calculate the spread, we subtract the bid rate from the ask rate: Spread = Ask Rate – Bid Rate Spread = 81.987 – …

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Strategic Management MCQ -2

BBA | MBA | B.Com | | BMS | MHA | CA | CMA ANSWERS : (31)(b) the 9-cell GE matrix(32)(b) Monopolistic competition(33)(d) All of the above(34)(c) Product differentiation in the industry is low(35)(c) All managers, each attending to what needs to be done in their respective areasof authority and responsibility(36)(b) Niche(37)(a) Corporate dream(38)(c) …

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