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Diversity and inclusion

Fostering Diversity: Racial and Gender Equality in the Workplace

Understanding the Landscape 1. The Changing Face of the Workforce The demographics of the workforce have evolved dramatically over the years. Women, once relegated to a limited scope of roles, now play pivotal roles in various industries. Similarly, racial and ethnic diversity have become defining characteristics of many workplaces, reflecting a globalized and interconnected world. …

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Business Ethics – Question & Answers

What is Happiness? Happiness is a complex and subjective emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, contentment, and overall well-being. It is a positive and pleasurable experience that encompasses a range of emotions, from moments of elation to a general sense of life satisfaction. The concept of happiness is multi-faceted and varies from person to …

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Organization Development | Case Analysis

According to CEO of McKinsey & Co. Bob Sternfels, India would make it to the top in terms of global talent by 2047. The same is possible due to its huge working populace, growing number of transnational organizations, rehaul of global supply chains and digitalization. India is expected to be the leader in the Asian …

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