Marketing and Consumer Funnel Stages (REAN Model)

Course: Digital Marketing

Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2023 Examination

  1. Mr. Ghansham plans to start his own app that will be only for buying toys. It will be called “Toys4U”. The app will be an aggregator app that will allow all the sellers to sell their toys on the app. Mr. Ghanshyam will also sell its own company-manufactured toys on the app.
    The main USP of the app is that you will get big discounts on branded toys. The company will be able to pass on the discounts to the customer as they will deal with bulk quantities. The company has the plan to go for digital marketing only and with zero spending on traditional media marketing. As a digital marketing expert explain the marketing funnel for Toys4U covering all the elements in REAN Model or REAN Marketing Engagement Framework.

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