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School for Continuing Education (NGA-SCE)
Course: Marketing Management
Internal Assignment Applicable for December 2022 Examination


1. A company provides consultancy to all its clients on the Pricing of their products. M/s Herbal Life sells various types of FMCG products in the urban market. They sell toothpaste, multi-vitamin ayurvedic tablets, chia seeds, tulsi tea, herbal soap, shampoo, etc. The company has asked you to present various types of Product Mix pricing and price adjustment strategies so that it can help them in taking pricing decisions for their range of products. (10 Marks)



The firm looks for a set of prices that  maximizes the profits on the total product mix. Five product mix pricing situations.

•Product line pricing – the products in the product line

•Optional product pricing – optional or accessory products

•Captive product pricing – complementary products

•By-product pricing – by-products

•Product bundle pricing – several products


Companies adjust basic prices to account for various customer differences and changing situations.

Discount and allowance pricing

Segmented pricing

Psychological pricing

Promotional pricing

Geographical pricing

Dynamic pricing

International pricing


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