NMIMS Decision Science solution for September 2023

Q 3B: Draw the Line chart using EXCEL for the following variables and write your interpretations. Looking at the graph/ numbers (in the table) what type of correlation is suspected between crop area of wheat and cereals?    (5 Marks)

YearAREA UNDER CULTIVATION Wheat (Lakh hectares)AREA UNDER CULTIVATION Coarse Cereals (Lakh hectares)


This negative correlation can be attributed to several factors. One possible explanation is changing market demands and customer preferences. As agriculture and food industries evolve, the demand for distinct crops can also shift. Farmers may reply to this by adjusting their cultivation patterns and focusing greater on crops that are in higher demand, such as wheat. Therefore, the crop region for coarse cereals may enjoy a decline because of this substitution effect.

Furthermore, profitability can impact farmers’ decisions regarding crop cultivation. If developing wheat proves to be extra economically advantageous compared to coarse cereals, farmers may also prioritize wheat production and decrease the cultivation location for coarse cereals. This economic issue could contribute to the located negative correlation.

Additionally, government policies and agricultural support applications may also play a position. Subsidies or incentives provided for wheat production could encourage farmers to allocate more land for wheat cultivation, consequently leading to a lower inside the crop location for coarse cereals.

However, it is essential to word that the interpretation of the terrible correlation based solely on the graph has barriers. Correlation does no longer set up causation, and other underlying elements would possibly impact the discovered trends. Elements such as changes in agricultural practices, technological improvements, environmental conditions, and regional versions may also contribute to the patterns found within the graph.

In conclusion, the graph surely indicates a negative correlation between the crop area of wheat and coarse cereals. Because the crop location for wheat expands or remains stable, the crop area for coarse cereals tends to decrease over time. This bad correlation suggests an ability substitution effect, influenced via changing market demands, profitability, government policies, and other agricultural factors.

Note: The above solution is only for reference purposes, Do not copy any answers or it will lead to the rejection of the paper.

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