NMIMS Softskills Assignment for BBA June 2023

Q1 Why is it important to prepare for any meeting and what all do you need to take care of? Assuming this meeting is to review your project, present your response detailing the essentials to make this meeting effective.

Meeting is one of the important components of the modern office procedure. Meeting takes place at all levels of the office from top management level to lower level. In large organizations, meeting is inevitable. It is the best medium of communication as members discuss various issues while sitting face to face. It is an important responsibility of the secretary to make sure that all arrangements of the meeting are made in which their active involvement of is expected. The more the secretary knows about how effectively meetings
are convened or conducted, the easier it is for them to assist the executive in the conduct of the meeting, because open discussion will be possible. Members can give their views and it becomes the platform to deliberate upon and learn more on different issues. It also helps to inculcate integration and co-operation amongst the members.

Meeting is called the gathering of two or more persons for the purpose of achieving common goal through verbal interaction. Meeting may occur face to face, through telephone, conference calls, sky pad, video conference etc. It also covers a lecture, seminar, conference, trade show, exhibition, work shop, training course, team building session etc. Meetings help in the smooth functioning of the organization. A meeting is considered as the best means of communication.

Reference : Egyan Kossh

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