Production and Operations Management MCQ- 2

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(51)(d) Chemical and Mechanical properties
(52)(c) Production
(53)(b) Operations management
(54)(c) Optimal utilisation of available resources
(55)(d) Unlimited, can be applied to any type of activity
(56)(a) Standardised products
(57)(b) In Product system the machinery and equipment are fixed and in project system
they are not fixed
(58)(c) He gets increased use value in the product
(59)(c) Scheduling and loading
(60)(c) Dispatching
(61)(b) Scheduling
(62)(b) Manufacturing department
(63)(b) Skilled labours
(64)(b) Special machine tools and highly skilled labours
(65)(c) Process layout
(66)(a) Line layout
(67)(d) Cement
(68)(a) Follow up
(69)(a) Method of Least Squares
(70)(c) To employ the available capital efficiently so as to yield maximum results
(71)(d) Productivity of capital is to be increased through effective materials management
(72)(a) Material Requirement Planning
(73)(c) Must be slightly greater than the highest time element given in the problem
(74)(a) What production facilities is required and how these facilities should be laid out in
space available
(75)(c) We plan the flow of material in each department
(76)(a) The planner plans each operation to be done at work centers and the sequence
of operations
(77)(a) Decide the optimal allocation of available resources
(78)(d) Planning quantity standards
(79)(a) Planning specifications
(80)(d) Total time/ Cycle time
(81)(a) Scheduling

(82)(b) Loading
(83)(d) To keep operator idle time, material waiting time and ancillary machine time at
(84) (c) Principle of optimal operation sequence
(85) (a) Both output and sales should be expressed in a logical overall unit of measuring
(86) (a) Differential Pricing
(87) (d) Hiring and lay off of employees depending on the situation
(88) (d) Triggering of production operations and observing the progress and record the
(89) (c) Route card
(90) (c) By comparing the actual performance with targets specified in the specified
(91) (a) Passive assessment of plant performance
(92) (a) Minimise the set up time
(93) (c) To record the actual production against the scheduled production
(94) (a) Programme control
(95) (c) Both the plan and the performance, and deviation from the plan
(96) (d) Loading, Scheduling and Assignment works
(97) (c) Scheduling
(98) (b) Product Layout
(99) (b) Dispatching
(100) (d) Job card

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