Redeployment in HRM

An opportunity to be innovative is being given through redeployment. It empowers for complete utilization of the abilities, information and aptitude of the employees at different levels and empowers them to adapt up to the difficulties coming their direction. An organization going for redeployment requirements to target achieving the best utilization of talented personnel, while offering learning opportunities to all. “Redeployment is the process at securing alternative employment for staff displaced as a result of organisational change, service modernisation, capability or ill health. The process by which staff accesses different forms of redeployment may vary and individual staff entitlements within this may differ”. (Redeployment Guideline, 2005).


An employee pronounced ‘excess’ perhaps redeployed to a position within the office (or another division) where there is a comparative match of abilities between the employee and the expertise prerequisites of the position. An overriding principle that is applied to redeployment is that the prior contribution in the organization is of worth and working towards retaining such encounters would give opportunity for ability and limit building. Taking model from Public Service Change in New Zealand, in the current period of difficulties and need for proficient functioning, redeployment options certainly walk towards improving change management process and helping the organizations to:

  • Retain individuals who are know all about organizational organizations, culture and social and moral standards
  • Retain institutional information and particular skills
  • Advance the organization as a business of decision
  • Reinforce work ethos and obligation to the soul of administration
  • Give both a representative and an unmistakable motion that the organization offers employees interesting opportunities, for example, different career pathways and opportunities for development Regarding guiding principles of Enhanced Redeployment Process, the above cited archive, has alluded to the following as additional principles for redeployment.
  • The employee is to be consulted on any proposed appointment.
  • CEOs and where material the union, embrace to energize excess
  • Employees to look for deliberate redeployment within the more extensive public help when placement isn’t accessible in the employing office
  • Individual employee’s qualification to security should be regarded all through the interaction and information about them must be delivered with their understanding.
  • Any redeployment interaction should fit effectively within the generally speaking restructuring program and be straightforward and administer within a reasonable time”.

A portion of the significant reasons for redeployment include internal reorganization and restructuring adhering to an employee’s demand for redeployment to another post, the post involved by the incumbent becomes excess, incapacity of an employee for performing relegated obligations, an employee being announced as incapable to play out the relegated job, and so forth.

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