Strategic Management MCQ -2

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(31)(b) the 9-cell GE matrix
(32)(b) Monopolistic competition
(33)(d) All of the above
(34)(c) Product differentiation in the industry is low
(35)(c) All managers, each attending to what needs to be done in their respective areas
of authority and responsibility
(36)(b) Niche
(37)(a) Corporate dream
(38)(c) Flanking strategy
(39)(b) Offers unique products
(40)(c) partly proactive and partly reactive to changing circumstances
(41)(d) All of the above
(42)(b) creating a new market places where there is no competition
(43)(a) Conglomerate diversification
(44)(c) Both (A) and (B)
(45)(c) Whether actual organizational performance matches or exceeds the targets spelt
out in the strategic plan
(46)(d) It can be expensive
(47)(b) BCG Matrix
(48)(d) Supervision

(49)(c) Targets are formed from vision and mission statement of organizations
(50)(d) Raw materials source at a distance
(51)(c) High cost approach
(52)(c) the competitive rivalry in the industry is severe
(53)(b) redesigning operational processes
(54)(d) All of the above
(55)(a) Ansoff
(56)(d) All of the above
(57)(c) high
(58)(a) It includes definition of products & services the organization provides
(59)(a) to identify what strategy is needed to maintain a strong position or improve a
weak one
(60)(d) It diminishes potential aggregate demand and thus reduces the size of the market
(61)(c) It fosters short-term thinking
(62)(d) Volatile

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