Strategies for Retention of Employees

  • Recruitment, selection and placement: These three critical functions are under human resource management. These act as a section point for a planned employee. On the off chance that on the off chance that these cycles are not enough arranged and done then it could bring about turnover amongst employees. Effective recruitment is expected in request to generate right and huge pool of planned employees or candidates, who will end up being effective employees. On the off chance that the recruitment isn’t effective then a huge pool of qualified and specialized employees won’t be generated. This will in turn interfere with the selection cycle as the organization should pick from a pool of ineffective candidates or they should re-try the recruitment process. 
  • Likewise the techniques for selection ought to likewise be enough chosen in request to choose the best appropriate employees. Further ineffective placement of employees that is in the event that the employees are not matched as their qualification to their job in the organization, the employees will be disappointed and would decide to settle on a job that he/she find more fulfilled in.

  • Motivation: Motivation can be depicted as a drive to accomplish a specific objective and the organizations need to guarantee that their employees are enough propelled. Motivation can be intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is the one where the employee is inwardly roused or feels that he/she necessities to perform at his/her best and accomplish the objectives appointed to them. Extrinsic motivation happens when there are outer upgrades that inspire the employees like rewards or promotion. The human resource division ought to endeavour to increase motivation amongst their employees by creating positive improvement and likewise by providing reasonable training programs, studios and interventions. This in turn will retain the employees as they feel persuade to remain in the job and perform effectively. Additionally creating challenging goals and that which match the possibilities of the employees will likewise persuade them.
  • Training and career planning and development programs: The employees today look for development and training opportunities to improve their abilities. Normal training projects to improve both specialized ability as well as conduct abilities won’t only make an employee effective entertainer yet in addition convinces him/her that the organization is bothered and taking interest in the individual development of the employee. Development is a long term concept contrasted with training that can range for a really long time. A reasonable career planning and development program will actually want to guarantee the employee that he/she has a splendid future in the organization.
  • Focus on succession planning: This viewpoint is in a manner connected with before point where we talked about training and career planning and development. Succession planning in any organization is a significant viewpoint particularly at higher level positions. Under succession planning more youthful employees are trained and ready to assume control over the outgoing employees. This again rouses the employees simultaneously guarantees their progression in the organization.
  • Handle employee grievances: Employees could encounter certain grievances with respect to their managers, partners or subordinates or with respect to the offices gave to them or differed part of the organization. There ought to be a road for expression of these grievances. Open communication ought to be advanced in the organization so that the employee can examine about his/her concern uninhibitedly rather than just decide to stop.
  • Measures to reduce stress and dissatisfaction: Various exercises and projects ought to be coordinated in request to assist employees with dealing with their stress. Additionally the job ought to be made interesting and challenging enough for the employee to be fulfilled in doing it.
  • Generate Family involvement programs: Any employees is to be seen from a double dimension, that is to say, according to his work point of view and according to him family point of view. Different projects ought to be coordinated that involves the family of the environment. Get together, picnics and other occasions can be routinely coordinated. Other than certain government assistance exercises for the life partners and the offspring of the employees can likewise be coordinated.
  • Modify organizational culture: As talked about prior organizational culture is one significant reason why an employee might leave the job. He/she may not find it agreeable and will be unable to conform to it. On one hand the employee ought to be assisted with adjusting to the new environment and culture and on the other hand the organizational culture should be constantly surveyed in request to recognize any issues and issues that emerge within the organization. On the off chance that any issues are found as to the culture, appropriate measures ought to be taken to modify or transform it.
  • Reward System: The reward system ought to be worked on in request to make it more worthwhile in request to increase the motivation of the employees. Rewards can be monitory or non-monitory like. Rewards can be given for execution and contribution of the employee to accomplishment of the objectives.
  • Improving employee morale: Employee morale can be improved by creating a conducive and agreeable environment in the organization that energizes a good feeling amongst the employees. Increased morale will lead to development of organizational citizenship amongst the employees that assists employee with identifying better with the organization. This in turn will deter the employee to leave the job as he/she feels fulfilled in the present job.
  • Providing effective leadership in the organization: Leaders in the organization ought to be given appropriate training as to communication, leadership and interpersonal abilities. They ought to be trained to invoke trust of their employees and persuade them. A decent pioneer will help employee create and contribute his/her best to the organization. This will likewise foster a good feeling amongst the employees.
  • Employee Counselling: Counselling ought to be made accessible in organizations in request to assist employees with dealing with their concerns both personal and business related. This will assist the employees with coping with their issues and they will likewise feel that the organization vales them.

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