Employee Relations MCQ No -1

Who created the Social Action Approach? Answer: The Social Action Approach was not created by any of the individuals mentioned in the options provided. The Social Action Approach is a theoretical framework within sociology that emphasizes the role of individuals and their actions in shaping society. It is associated with sociologists such as Max Weber, …

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ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

What is an ERP? ANSWER: ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It refers to a software system that integrates various business functions and processes within an organization into a centralized system. The primary goal of ERP is to streamline and automate business operations, improve efficiency, and provide real-time data for informed decision-making. An ERP system …

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International Business | Question and answer 2

Explain the various entry modes of companies into foreign markets. ANSWER: Companies have several entry modes or strategies to enter foreign markets. The choice of entry mode depends on factors such as market characteristics, business objectives, resources, and risk tolerance. Here are some common entry modes for companies entering foreign markets: The selection of the …

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