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NMIMS Assignment

Business Ethics – Question & Answer

“Business should provide Goods and Services in a manner that is sustainable and safe”. Prepare an executive summary (in your own words) to showcase how the company is delivering on this principle 2 of the National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct (NGRBC) from the Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2022-23 (BRSR) of a company of …

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Economics – Question & Answer

Define the term “Elasticity of demand.” Discuss different types of elasticity of demand. Also, explain why this concept should be of interest to anyone in business who has a choice to determine the price at which to sell their products. The Elasticity of Demand: Understanding Price Sensitivity in Business Introduction: Elasticity of demand is a …

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NMIMS Decision Science solution for September 2023

Q 3B: Draw the Line chart using EXCEL for the following variables and write your interpretations. Looking at the graph/ numbers (in the table) what type of correlation is suspected between crop area of wheat and cereals?    (5 Marks) Year AREA UNDER CULTIVATION Wheat (Lakh hectares) AREA UNDER CULTIVATION Coarse Cereals (Lakh hectares) 1965–66 126 …

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