Business Ethics – Chapter 1

Meaning of Business Ethics Business ethics refers to the moral principles and values that guide the behavior and decision-making processes within the business world. It is a branch of applied ethics that deals with the ethical dilemmas and concerns that arise in the context of business activities. Here’s a more detailed explanation of the meaning …

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Commercial Banking System & Role of RBI

NMIMS Assignment December 2023 1) Independence of Central Bank is very crucial for impartial functioning and fair play in the economy. Any closeness of Central Bank to Ministry of Finance will not be fair and it will be viewed as baby of the government and will be looked with suspicion. Do you agree or disagree …

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Hawthorne studies

The Hawthorne studies were a series of experiments and investigations conducted at the Western Electric Hawthorne Works in Chicago, USA, between 1924 and 1932. These studies, led by a team of researchers from Harvard University, aimed to examine the relationship between workplace conditions and employee productivity. The findings of the Hawthorne studies had a profound …

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