Big data use in marketing and advertising| MCQs with Solutions for MBA students

Van Heusen is an apparel manufacturer, which also has a big network of retail centers in India. They decided to purchase databases from authentic secondary sources of apparel customers and integrate it to their existing database of customers, for a proposed online social media marketing activity. To ensure non-repetitive messages to the same customer and …

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Employee Relations MCQ No -1

Who created the Social Action Approach? Answer: The Social Action Approach was not created by any of the individuals mentioned in the options provided. The Social Action Approach is a theoretical framework within sociology that emphasizes the role of individuals and their actions in shaping society. It is associated with sociologists such as Max Weber, …

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NMIMS BBA Assignment Solution for June 2023 Examination | Business Communication

Suggestive Pattern for writing the answer:


Communication is a societal activity; people in society exchange their thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, etc. through different manners depending upon the occasions, context, type of message, background of the interacting persons. For example, when a leader addresses a rally, he/she communicates mainly orally, but just to emphasise certain points, he/she may use gestures or facial expressions also. While teaching in the class, teacher communicates both orally and writing. Sometimes, agreement with a suggestion is indicated by nod of a disagreement may also be shown by moving head in both directions. A warning may be communicated in different ways, orally, in writing or over by facial expression. There are all ways of communication.

Strategic Management MCQ -2

BBA | MBA | B.Com | | BMS | MHA | CA | CMA ANSWERS : (31)(b) the 9-cell GE matrix(32)(b) Monopolistic competition(33)(d) All of the above(34)(c) Product differentiation in the industry is low(35)(c) All managers, each attending to what needs to be done in their respective areasof authority and responsibility(36)(b) Niche(37)(a) Corporate dream(38)(c) …

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Production and Operations Management MCQ-3

BBA | MBA | BHA | MHA | M. Com | CA | CMA ANSWERS : (101) (b) Value analysis(102) (b) Production(103) (a) Simplex method(104) (c) Lean Production(105) (d) None of the above(106) (b) Growth(107) (c) Inspection(108) (c) ISO 9003(109) (d) The free float can be calculated by subtracting EFT from EST(110) (a) Preventing maintenance …

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Production and Operations Management MCQ- 2

BBA | MBA | BHA | MHA | M. Com | CA | CMA ANSWERS : (51)(d) Chemical and Mechanical properties(52)(c) Production(53)(b) Operations management(54)(c) Optimal utilisation of available resources(55)(d) Unlimited, can be applied to any type of activity(56)(a) Standardised products(57)(b) In Product system the machinery and equipment are fixed and in project systemthey are not …

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