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NMIMS – Decision Science Assignment of April 2024

Calculate the probability for the following statements. Draw the Probability tree diagram also. In a medical college of Pune (a class of 100 people), 30 % people Like to have Misal-pav on the farewell party as per the google form survey. Remaining people have chosen vadapav. Out of those who have chosen Misal-pav 50 % …

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NMIMS BBA Assignment Solution for June 2023 Examination | Business Communication

Suggestive Pattern for writing the answer:


Communication is a societal activity; people in society exchange their thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, etc. through different manners depending upon the occasions, context, type of message, background of the interacting persons. For example, when a leader addresses a rally, he/she communicates mainly orally, but just to emphasise certain points, he/she may use gestures or facial expressions also. While teaching in the class, teacher communicates both orally and writing. Sometimes, agreement with a suggestion is indicated by nod of a disagreement may also be shown by moving head in both directions. A warning may be communicated in different ways, orally, in writing or over by facial expression. There are all ways of communication.

Marketing and Consumer Funnel Stages (REAN Model)

Course: Digital Marketing Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2023 Examination Mr. Ghansham plans to start his own app that will be only for buying toys. It will be called “Toys4U”. The app will be an aggregator app that will allow all the sellers to sell their toys on the app. Mr. Ghanshyam will also sell …

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