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BBA & MBA Project Complete Guidance

  What is an MBA Project? An MBA (Master of Business Administration) project refers to a comprehensive and in-depth research and analysis undertaken by a student pursuing an MBA program. It is typically a culmination of the student’s academic studies and practical application of business and management concepts. MBA projects are designed to assess the …

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Economics – Question & Answer

“Demand forecasting plays a vital role and enables organizations to arrange for the required input as per the predicted demand, without any wastage of material and time” Substantiate your view on demand forecasting and discuss the various factors influencing demand forecasting. The Significance of Demand Forecasting in Organizational Planning Introduction: Demand forecasting is a pivotal …

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Marketing and Consumer Funnel Stages (REAN Model)

Course: Digital Marketing Internal Assignment Applicable for April 2023 Examination Mr. Ghansham plans to start his own app that will be only for buying toys. It will be called “Toys4U”. The app will be an aggregator app that will allow all the sellers to sell their toys on the app. Mr. Ghanshyam will also sell …

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