Economics – Question & Answer

“Demand forecasting plays a vital role and enables organizations to arrange for the required input as per the predicted demand, without any wastage of material and time” Substantiate your view on demand forecasting and discuss the various factors influencing demand forecasting. The Significance of Demand Forecasting in Organizational Planning Introduction: Demand forecasting is a pivotal …

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Supply Chain Management | NMIMS September 2023 assignment solution

1. “Vidyut” is a electric bike start up which commenced operation in 2015. They cater to low-power vehicle for town ride. Their focus is Max 30 Kms speed limit vehicles which give maximum mileage of 40 Km per full charge. The price point is also matching this basic specification. With the city traffic increasing, they …

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Preventive Maintenance

In order to reduce the occurrence of defects, firms should carry out preventive maintenance. In preventive maintenance, the parts that are likely to produce defects are replaced, rather than the defects that arise during production being repaired. Workers are given the responsibility of maintaining their machinery and equipment and are also trained to solve or …

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