Cost Sheet Preparation

Q1. The following details have been extracted from Sam Ltd.’s books of accounts for the year ending March 31, 2023. The manager of the company is shared and divides his time between the factory and the office in the ratio of 20:80. You are required to compute: (a)prime cost, (b) factory overhead, (c) factory cost, …

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Underwriting of Shares Solved Sums for BBA 2023

Illustration 2.2Model: Issue of both shares and debentures underwritten by one underwriter Veer Ltd. issued 5,000 equity shares of 100 each and 5,000 10% debentures of 100 each. The debentures were issued at a discount of 8%. The whole of the issue was underwritten by M/s Durai & Co. for a commission of 2.5% on …

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Masters in Hospital Administration

The Master of Hospital Administration (MHA-Hospital) degree aims to create a cadre of qualified managers for the sector’s burgeoning hospital market. The need for a new category of healthcare professional—the hospital manager—comes about as hospitals become increasingly complex technical environments that employ people with widely varying skill sets. This efficiency requirement must be met without …

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