Weisbord’s Six Box Model

NMIMS Assignment June 2023 solution for Management Theory & Practice

Q2. Shemaroo entertainment earlier only had a base in Mumbai, India. It has now expanded its wings to other parts of the world too and want to also get into other avenues of filmmaking. They have hired you as a consultant to help them design their organizational structure as earlier they used to follow the traditional line structure. They would want to use the 6-box model in order to determine what structure will suit them the est. Can you guide them on the same? (10 Marks)

In 1976 American expert, Marvin Weisbord, composed a paper called Organizational Diagnosis: Six Places to Look for Trouble with or without a Theory. It is well known as the “six box model”. The six boxes have names which combine to portray the effective working of an organization and the model is utilized to foster an improvement procedure. Utilize this device to get a fast evaluation of the qualities and shortcomings of a business.

  1. Purpose: The beginning stage of the evaluation is to figure out what business the organization is in and whether there are any normal changes from here on out. Basically, this is a dream for the organization.
  2. Structure: Next we take a gander at how the organization is coordinated. This piece of the examination covers who does what in the different divisions of the association.
  3. Relationships: Organizations are comprised of individuals and their relationships with one another inside an association and with clients and providers are imperative to its prosperity.
  4. Rewards: Individuals should be persuaded by proper rewards in cash as well as in the acknowledgment they get for the gig they do.
  5. Leadership: This is one more imperative part of each and every organization. Leadership characteristics should be custom fitted to suit an organization. Leadership styles might fluctuate yet they all require trust.
  6. Helpful mechanisms: This is the “lubrication” that assists an association with working effectively. In the present organizations this helpful mechanism is innovation and this could change quickly over the long run.

The six box system is a helpful device for deciding the proficiency of an association. There is a lot of adaptability in the device. A fast investigation of each box might highlight a part of the business that needs a more profound plunge. We ought to likewise recall that organizations work inside a more extensive climate and it could be helpful to supplement the 6 box study with an examination and evaluation of the market and rivalry.

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