An Introduction to Labour Law

Introduction to Labour Legislation

Law comes into existence to cater to the growing needs of society, which may be caused by technological, economic, political, social changes. Law is a dynamic concept. Law is like a citadel which requires regular repairs, revamping and replacement. “Life and Laws have moved together in history and it must do in future”. It is in this perspective that the Labour Legislations have to be studied. Origin of labour legislations Following are the origin of labour legislations:
▪ Early Exploitative Industrial Society
▪ Impact of Contemporary Events
▪ The Growth of Trade Unionism


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Marketing: The Development of a Concept

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Q2. What is a Cash Cycle? Explain. Calculate using the following information. (Assume 360 days in a year).     (10 Marks) Opening Balances   Raw Material 1,00,000 WIP 45,000 Finishes Goods 1,35,000 Debtors 6,00,000 Creditors 8,60,000     Closing Balances   Raw Material 2,00,000 WIP 65,000 Finishes Goods 1,25,000 Debtors 5,45,000 Creditors 9,75,000     Costs …


Marketing and Consumer Funnel Stages (REAN Model)

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Strategic Management MCQ -2

BBA | MBA | B.Com | | BMS | MHA | CA | CMA ANSWERS : (31)(b) the 9-cell GE matrix(32)(b) Monopolistic competition(33)(d) All of the above(34)(c) Product differentiation in the industry is low(35)(c) All managers, each attending to what needs to be done in their respective areasof authority and responsibility(36)(b) Niche(37)(a) Corporate dream(38)(c) …

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Strategic Management MCQ

BBA | MBA | B.Com | M.Com | CA | CMA Answer Key:(1) (b) the search for industries best practices that lead to superior performance(2) (a) gain buyer loyalty to its brands(3) (c) fundamental re-thinking and radical redesign of business process to achievedramatic results(4) (d) deeper level of basic assumptions and beliefs that are shared …

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