MCQ’s on Marketing of Services

According to Gronroos, Service Quality can be broken into:

  1. Internal and External quality
  2. Technical and functional quality
  3. Goods and service quality
  4. None of the above

The knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust describes which of the service quality dimensions?

  1. Assurance
  2. Empathy
  3. Reliability
  4. Responsiveness 

The gap between expected service and company perception of consumer expectations can be because of :

  1. Poor service design
  2. Failure to match demand and supply
  3. Inadequate marketing research orientation
  4. Over-promising

Which of the following statements pertain to inseparability is false?

  1. As customer contact increases, the efficiency of the firm decreases.
  2. Customers can affect the type of service desired
  3. Customers can affect the length of the service transaction.
  4. Customers can affect the cycle of demand

In addition to the traditional four Ps, the services marketing mix includes people, physical evidence, and:

  1. Inseparability.
  2. Planning
  3. Production
  4. Process Page

 The world’s largest industry in the private sector and highest projected generator of jobs is______


  1. The hospitality industry
  2. Health services
  3. Professional services.
  4. Business services

During a service recovery effort, the employee promptly refunded the customers money, but threw the money at the customer. As a result, the recovery effort violated the customers ___________ justice need

  1. Interactional
  2. Ethical.
  3. Social.
  4. Procedural

Total customer value consists of all of the following components except

  1. Product value.
  2. Service value.
  3. Image value
  4. Personnel value.

Customer satisfaction can be defined by comparing:

  1. Predicted service and perceived service
  2. Predicted service and desired service
  3. Desired service and perceived service
  4. Adequate service and perceived service

People have to physically present themselves so that they become immersed within the service process. This type of service process is referred to as :

  1. Possession processing
  2. Physical processing
  3. People process
  4. None of these

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