MCQ’s on Computer Application (BBA & B.Com)

       Multiple Choice/Objective Type Questions


1. The computers can perform large number of operations in just                              .

(a) One minute (b) One hour (c)  One second (d) None

2.The accuracy of the computers is consistently                               

(a) Very high (b) Very low (c)   Medium (d) None

3.Large number of Data and Information is expressed in terms of                             

(a) Kilobytes (b) Megabytes (c)   Gigabytes (d) All of the above

4.The term ‘Computer’ is derived from                                .

(a) Latin (b) German (c)   French  (d) Arabic

5.Who is the father of Computer?

(a) Allen Turing (b) Charles Babbage (c)   Simur Cray (d) Augusta Adaming

6.Who is the father of personal computer?

(a) Edward Robert (b) Allen Turing (c)   Charles Babbage (d) None of these


  1. (c),       2. (b),               3. (d),               4 (a),                5. (a),               6. (c)

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