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 Q2. Prof Albert Mehrabian has formulated the Mehrabian Circle that states “there are 3 types of fundamental elements of one-to-one communication.” Which are the 3 elements in the Mehrabian Circle and which has the maximum weightage? Give Reasons for your answer also 4 components of the same element. (10 marks)


The  Mehrabian  circle  was  formulated  by  Prof.  Albert  Mehrabian  of  the University of California in Los Angeles. The circle states that there  are  three  fundamental  elements  of  one-to-one  communication,  i.e.,  words, tone of voice and non-verbal behavior’s. While communicating, non-verbal elements are crucial for expressing feelings and attitude. Mehrabian circle alludes that it is important to check non-verbal behaviour when the words do not match with the physical behaviour of the person. For example, in an interaction happening between two people, the first person verbally says something. However the non-verbal behaviour is in disharmony with words.

Verbally: I do not have a problem with you!
Non-verbally: The person avoids eye-contact, looks infuriated, has a closed body language, etc.

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Mehrabian circle can be described as:
‰‰ 7% of the communication is done in the words that are uttered.
‰‰ 38% of the communication happens in the way the words are said.
‰‰ 55% of the communication is done in the form of facial expressions.

According  to  Prof.  Albert  Mehrabian,  “Non-verbal  elements  are  particularly important for communicating feelings and attitude, especially when  they  are  incongruent:  if  words  and  body  language  disagree,  one  tends to believe the body language.

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