NMIMS Assignment

Demand Forecasting – NMIMS Assignment Solution for April 2024

•Q2. Anika is working in “Footon ltd Company” that manufactures formal and informal shoes for both men and women. It is observed that for the last few years, the sales figures are fluctuating and there are no vivid reason for the same. Anika’s manager have asked her to prepare a short notes on the importance …

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Organizational Behaviour – Short Question & Answers

What is an Organization? An organization is a structured and coordinated group of individuals working together to achieve common goals or objectives. It typically involves a formal structure, defined roles, and established processes to facilitate efficient functioning and goal attainment. Organizations can take various forms, including businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and other entities with a …

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Business Policy & Strategy : Question & Answers 2

CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY BBA STUDY MATERIAL Explain the concept and importance of Environmental Analysis & Diagnosis in framing Business Policy and Strategic Management. Environmental Analysis in Business Policy and Strategic Management: Environmental analysis is a critical component of business policy and strategic management. It involves the systematic examination of external factors that can impact an organization’s …

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Business Policy & Strategy : Question & Answers 1

CALCUTTA UNIVERSITY BBA STUDY MATERIAL Define the term Business Policy & Strategy. Business Policy and Strategy are two closely related concepts in the field of business management. Business Policy: Business policy refers to the guidelines, principles, and procedures that a company establishes to define its overall direction and decision-making processes. These policies are often developed …

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NMIMS Assignment

NMIMS – Decision Science Assignment of April 2024

Calculate the probability for the following statements. Draw the Probability tree diagram also. In a medical college of Pune (a class of 100 people), 30 % people Like to have Misal-pav on the farewell party as per the google form survey. Remaining people have chosen vadapav. Out of those who have chosen Misal-pav 50 % …

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Business Ethics – Definitions

Distributive Justice Distributive justice is a concept within moral and political philosophy that concerns the fair distribution of resources, benefits, and burdens in a society. It addresses the question of how goods and opportunities should be distributed among individuals or groups, taking into account principles of fairness, equality, and social cooperation. There are various theories …

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Indian Banking System & RBI

Banking Banking refers to the set of financial activities and services conducted by banks and financial institutions to facilitate the flow of money, manage financial resources, and provide various financial products and services to individuals, businesses, and governments. Banks are crucial intermediaries in the financial system, playing a central role in the economy by channeling …

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Macroeconomics Question and Answers

GDP or GNP, Which one is a better approach? Determining whether Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or Gross National Product (GNP) is a “better” concept depends on the specific analytical and policy goals. Each measure provides different insights into a country’s economic performance, and the choice of which to use may depend on the context and …

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BBA & MBA Project Complete Guidance

  What is an MBA Project? An MBA (Master of Business Administration) project refers to a comprehensive and in-depth research and analysis undertaken by a student pursuing an MBA program. It is typically a culmination of the student’s academic studies and practical application of business and management concepts. MBA projects are designed to assess the …

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BBA Question Paper of Calcutta University for 2021

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