Production and Operations Management MCQ-3

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(101) (b) Value analysis
(102) (b) Production
(103) (a) Simplex method
(104) (c) Lean Production
(105) (d) None of the above
(106) (b) Growth
(107) (c) Inspection
(108) (c) ISO 9003
(109) (d) The free float can be calculated by subtracting EFT from EST
(110) (a) Preventing maintenance includes lubrication, cleaning, periodic overhaul, etc
(111) (b) Facility location
(112) (b) Transportation
(113) (d) to extend the useful life of Plant & Machinery without sacrificing the level of
(114) (b) Re-Engineering
(115) (d) Continuous Process
(116) (b) Work Study
(117) (b) Slack can be calculated by adding EFT and LFT of any job
(118) (c) Increased breakdowns and downtime
(119) (c) Scheduling
(120) (d) It deals with the strategic decisions, such as purchase of facilities, introduction of
new products, processes, etc
(121) (c) Every work center and the operation to be done at that work center
(122) (d) Operation management
(123) (c) Principle of maximum travel
(124) (d) ISO 9004
(125) (b) Predecessor activity
(126) (c) To keep the down time of the machine at the maximum
(127) (b) Productibility

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