NMIMS Assignment

NMIMS Assignment Solution of Decision Science for the April 2024 Examination

Q3.a)Draw an appropriate chart for the following. Also, write your clarification for choosing that graph. For each variable identify a time-series component present if you consider the long-term pattern.    

Table: Production of Commercial crops. (Source: RBI)

Q3.b) Write the sampling plan for the following study. Also write, what is recommended according to you, census survey or sample Survey?

Imagine yourself doing PhD in NMIMS, for one of your research papers you do require a primary survey to understand the social media consumption of LinkedIn users. Your goal is to understand why they are using LinkedIn, for how many hours a day, and the activities they do on the same platform. You do have research questionnaire in your hand as per your proper literature study. Now, the question is about survey and data collection.                      (5 Marks)

Sampling Plan for Understanding LinkedIn User Behavior


LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, boasts over 900 million users worldwide. Understanding their social media consumption habits is crucial for researchers and marketers alike. This research aims to explore the reasons behind LinkedIn usage, daily engagement time, and typical activities on the platform. To achieve this, we propose a well-designed sampling plan for a primary survey.


Sampling Method:

Given the large population size, a census survey wouldn’t be feasible due to cost, time, and resource constraints. Therefore, we recommend a probability sampling approach to ensure representativeness and allow for statistical generalization.

Sampling Frame:

The target population is defined as all active LinkedIn users globally. Due to limitations in accessing the complete user list, we suggest utilizing a stratified random sampling technique. This involves dividing the population into strata based on relevant demographic factors like industry, job title, or location. Within each stratum, a simple random sample will be drawn.

Sample Size:

Determining the optimal sample size depends on several factors, including desired confidence level, margin of error, and expected population variance. Using statistical software and considering a 95% confidence level with a 5% margin of error, we estimate a minimum sample size of 384 with the chosen stratified approach. However, increasing the sample size within each stratum can enhance precision.

Data Collection:

Online surveys offer a cost-effective and efficient way to reach a geographically dispersed population. We propose utilizing a survey platform like SurveyMonkey or Qualtrics to design and administer the questionnaire. The survey link can be distributed through various channels, including:

  • LinkedIn groups and communities: Target relevant groups based on the defined strata.
  • Email outreach: Leverage professional email lists aligned with the target population.
  • Social media advertising: Utilize LinkedIn Ads to reach specific user segments.

Questionnaire Design:

The questionnaire should be concise, clear, and engaging. It should cover the following key areas:

  • Demographics: Collect basic information like age, gender, location, industry, and job title.
  • LinkedIn usage: Ask about frequency of use, reasons for using the platform, and typical daily engagement time.
  • Activities: Capture data on specific activities like browsing profiles, searching for jobs, or participating in groups.
  • Open-ended questions: Allow users to elaborate on their experiences and provide valuable qualitative insights.


This sampling plan outlines a robust and efficient approach to gathering representative data on LinkedIn user behavior. The stratified random sampling method ensures diverse representation, while the online survey format facilitates data collection from a geographically dispersed population. By carefully designing and distributing the questionnaire, we can gather valuable insights into the motivations, habits, and activities of LinkedIn users, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of their social media consumption on the platform.


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